Choose Health LA: Parent Training Curriculum


This PDF, available in both Enlgih and Spanish, teaches families through a one-year training program how to integrate physical activity and nutrition education into a parenting.

The program was found to be effective in reducing the risk of low-income, preschool-age Latino children being overweight. The authors concluded that a combination of culturally-sensitive parent training and nutrition education administered to low-income mothers of preschool-age Latino children can reverse the anticipated curve of increased BMI scores for at least one year after the start of treatment. In addition, the researchers found that interventions that combine high-priority issues such as parenting with the promotion of nutrition and physical activity are promising in promoting health and wellness among low-income families; parenting interventions are in high demand among service providers in communities serving preschool families; and interventions for parents of young children should take place in the communities they live in and/or gather in on a regular basis.

To download the full toolkit in Spanish, click here.


This evidence-based curriculum was developed and studied by a UCLA team of researchers and is now being adopted across all of Los Angeles through the LA Department of Public Health. This is the first pilot intervention study that reversed the weight gain seen in preschool Latino children living in low-income families. The intervention was unique because it blended nutrition, physical activity and parenting topics that were delivered in a participatory manner and where mothers learned from each other and practiced the skills at home.

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