Harvest of the Month, California Department of Public Health

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Harvest of the Month is an initiative of the California Department of Public Health that features ready-to-go tools and resources that can be used in diverse applications within the school environment to give students hands-on opportunities to explore, taste, and learn about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and being active every day.

It provides the opportunity for collaboration among educators, child nutrition staff, school administrators, students, parents, the local media, and retail outlets — all of whom are striving toward the goal of increasing knowledge of, access to, and preference for fruits and vegetables and physical activity.  

A training module guides and supports users on how to effectively use all program materials and resources. The module includes instructions on utilizing tools (like posters and classroom activities) that explore the content contained within HOTM's monthly educator newsletters, and demonstrate how activities can be linked to several core curricular areas and the Children’s Power Play! Campaign

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